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Our goal, at North Shore Ultimate Skin Care, is to make every client feel special and unique – every step of the way your treatment plan is tailored to your individual desires and lifestyle. At NSUSC, it’s more than the exclusive skin care treatments and products that we offer, it’s the medical expertise, years of experience, and the time that we spend with you one-on-one that makes the difference.

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Exclusive Skin Treatments

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Brand New Product


Reduces Fat and Contours the Body

BTL’s Exilis offers a revolutionary non-invasive form of treatment for the reduction of wrinkles and for the reshaping of targeted fat deposits. Exilis also complements pre and post treatment in invasive liposuction techniques. Exilis treatments can postpone or eliminate the need for invasive surgery particularly for patients with mild to moderate fat deposits and who may not be candidates for lipoplasty.

Tightens Skin and Reduces Wrinkles

Exilis further provides fast and effective skin tightening, as well as treatment of wrinkles and rhytids, with visible results often after the first session.

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Another Amazing Product

Forever Young BBL Treatment:

Younger Looking Skin

BBL™ enables treatment of multiple skin conditions with various wavelengths seamlessly using change-on-the-fly Smart Filters.

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